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Welcome to your digital toolbox of learning and discovery for Senior Living building management. We’ve assembled a variety of training, resources and ideas to help you maximize your operations and the TELS solution. Reach in and grab what you need.

Analyze a wide range of topics with industry leaders and experts on building management best practices, regulatory guidance and more.

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Senior Living HVAC COVID-19 Questions, Updates & Suggestions

June 2020

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Current and Future State of Senior Living Design and Construction During COVID-19

May 2020

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Intro to NFPA 25/Sprinkler Systems

May 2020

COVID-19 CMS Focused Survey & Senior Living’s Response

April 2020

COVID-19 Separation/Quarantine Units &amp Senior Living Best Practices

April 2020

Legionella & CMS – Lessons from the Trenches, A Direct Supply Webinar

February 2020

Fires in the Kitchen: an Intro to NFPA 17A and 96, A Direct Supply Webinar

October 2019

Best Practices for Clean and Compliant Long Term Care Facilities, A Direct Supply Webinar

October 2019

TELS Fire Protection

Manage the scheduling, documentation, compliance and cost of your corporate or regional fire protection program.

TELS Water Management

Develop a water management plan and find testing supplies to combat Legionella and Legionnaires’ disease.


TELS Masters Training

Dig into a library of training all designed to help you maximize the TELS solution for better building management.

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Field Spotlight

Shine a light on the district managers and building services consultants at your call as well as the thousands of projects and uplifting stories in Senior Living building management.

More Than Maintenance

Put Our Expertise To Work For You

District Manager Q&A:
HVAC Cooling Season

meet the team

Meet the Team

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District Manager Coverage

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Resources & Industry Info

From regular situations to industry-defining moments like COVID-19, drill down into concrete ways to address them with challenge-specific guides, checklists and more.